Room Attendant job description

Room Attendant job description is a document that explains the duties that a room attendant must perform when taking on this position.

Room Attendant job
Room Attendant job

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What’s the Room Attendant job?

As a Room Attendant – you’ll make sure our rooms and suites are always ‘fresh and welcoming’ for our guests after a busy day at work – creating a haven for them to escape and relax in – or get a bit of last minute work done.

Room Attendant job description
Room Attendant job description

Room Attendant job description

  • You’ll make sure our rooms are always at their best – we have standards – but it’s down to you to make that room special and memorable for guests
  • Help guests – you’ll be happy to help if someone needs a toothbrush or directions for example
  • Keep your supervisor updated on room service progress and alert them to any repairs needed
  • Safety aware – follow our established safety procedures at all times – and wear protective equipment when needed
  • Be organised – keep on top of supplies and amenities and always try to minimise waste
  • Reunite items with owners – and log any lost and found property
  • Look smart – wear your uniform with pride
  • Other ad-hoc duties – unexpected moments when we have to pull together to get a task done
  • Monitor and control supplies and amenities, and minimise waste within all areas of housekeeping
  • Report, turn in, and/or log all lost and found items according to established procedures
  • Work as part of a team and communicate with other departments as per hotel procedures to ensure excellent quality and service
  • May regularly assist with deep cleaning projects
  • May have turndown duties
  • May assist with other duties as assigned
Room Attendant Requirements
Room Attendant Requirements

Room Attendant Requirements

  • It’s a physical role and you’ll be on your feet most of the day, so fitness is important
  • Strength – with occasional lifting of items up to 50 pounds / 23 kilograms and or push/pulling heavy objects
  • You’ll might need to bend and kneel to complete some activities
  • Literacy skills – reading, writing and basic maths skills
  • Flexible attitude to shifts – you may need to work nights, weekends and/or holidays

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