Chief Concierge job description

Chief Concierge job description is a document explaining the work Chief Concierge must perform when applying for the position.

What is Chief Concierge?
What is Chief Concierge?

What is Chief Concierge?

Chief Concierge manages concierge attendants, assisting guests in the lobby with a variety of tasks. This position is responsible for assisting and fulfilling all requests of both guests and visitors.

In French, concierge means gatekeeper, or person in charge of lighting candles in the palace. Derived from that, conciergerie originally meant the profession of guard or the place of the doorman.

At many large hotels, especially in Europe, Chief Concierge has the task of serving, exclusively for guests such as carrying luggage, pre-registration for meals, leaving mail or other private services for guests.

What’s the job?

The moment a guest steps into one of our hotels, they walk into a genuinely memorable experience. As Chief Concierge you’ll lead the delivery of guest requests and enquiries to ensure complete guest satisfaction. You’ll also be a brand ambassador and develop great working relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Chief Concierge job description
Chief Concierge job description

Chief Concierge job description

Guest experience

  • Make sure our guests always get a warm welcome and a sincere farewell from you and your team
  • Support any needs at the bell stand or the door while ensuring the lobby and Concierge areas look great
  • Deliver a memorable experience to guests with a swift and personal service – not forgetting to recognise and record guest preferences
  • Resolve guest issues and use their feedback to improve guest satisfaction
  • Collate and share local insights to meet guest requests i.e. sporting events, places of interest and local restaurants
  • Make great guest relationships in a very short space of time
  • Effortlessly meet the diverse cultural needs of guests from around the world


  • Manage daily staffing needs, plan and assign work
  • Develop your team and improve their performance through coaching and feedback, and create performance and development goals for colleagues – recognising good performance
  • Educate and train team members in compliance with federal, state and local laws and safety regulations
  • Ensure your team have the tools and equipment they need to carry out their job properly
  • Train team members on systems, security and cash handling procedures and hotel services to quality standards


  • Help control hotel costs by managing the schedule according to occupancy and guest demands
  • Contribute to hotel revenues – e.g. through tour and transportation bookings
  • Promote the hotel’s other businesses such as food, drink and Spas at every opportunue moment

Responsible business

  • Make sure you and your team are aware of credit policies and accounting practices
  • Be fully aware of the ethical behaviour of the vendors and service providers you recommend to guests
  • Demonstrate daily guest discretion, ethical behaviour, privacy and confidentiality


  • A High School diploma / qualification – college and university degree would be great but it’s not essential
  • At least four years‘ experience in an upscale hotel / equivalent environment as a Concierge or related discipline
  • Fluent English and local language is essential, any additional other languages would be great
  • At least one years’ supervisory experience or equivalent combination of education and experience

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