Linen/Uniform supervisor job description

Linen / Uniform supervisor job description is the document describing the work to be done when applying for this position.

Linen/Uniform supervisor job description
Linen/Uniform supervisor job description

Linen/Uniform supervisor job description

Main responsibilities

  • Reports for work on time wearing a clean and tidy uniform and neatly groomed per standards
  • To participate in the daily briefing with the Executive Housekeeper
  • To understand and strictly adhere to the rules and regulations established in the Employees Handbook.
  • To understand and strictly adhere to the hotel’s policy on fire, hygiene, Health and safety and to handle all equipment, utensils and uniforms with care
  • To maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • To maintain a good rapport and working relationship with staff of all other departments.
  • To provide a courteous and professional service at all times.
  • Manage overall daily operations of the Linen/Uniform
  • Ensure quality controls are in place for all linen processes, rejecting any exceptions.
  • Oversee in getting filled linen carts to designated areas.
  • Ensure a clean and tidy linen room at all times and report to the Executive Housekeeper or Assistant Executive Housekeeper if any items have been damaged (linen as well as uniforms).
  • Report to Executive Housekeeper or Assistant Executive Housekeeper in case any uniforms need to be discarded or replenished.
  • Ensure that linen and uniforms are properly stored and recorded.
  • Ensure that the proper procedure is followed when linen or uniform needs to be discarded
  • Take linen which is spotted out and place separate for re-washing or special treatments.
  • Any linen which is torn is placed separately and returned to the Linen room for repair.
  • Keeps linen for all different departments separate.
  • Coodinate with concerned department to do monthly inventory and report
  • Assist other departments when necessary and maintain good working relationships.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Executive Housekeeper.


  • Minimum of 02-year experiences in a similar role with preferable previous experiences in a four and five-star hotel
  • English communication
  • Great personality and positive attitude
  • Good knowledge washing machines, dryer, sewing machine and well operate them
  • Computer literate
  • Good communication and training skills
  • Energetic, friendly, flexible, motivated and able to work independently

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