Financial Controller job description in hotel

As Financial Controller you’ll forecast the financial operations of the hotel while managing hotel assets and ensuring a centralised accounting environment.

Financial Controller job description in hotel
Financial Controller job description in hotel

Financial Controller job description in hotel


  • Direct everyday financial activity, plan and assign work ensuring you always have the right staffing numbers
  • Develop your team and improve their performance through coaching and feedback, and create performance and development goals for colleagues
  • Train colleagues to make sure they deliver with compliance and to the standards we expect and have the tools they need to work efficiently
  • Recommend or initiate any HR elated actions where needed
  • Keep connected with key contacts including owners, asset managers, guest, regulatory agencies, others as needed


  • Prepare financial analysis of hotel operations including variance explanation and make recommendations to ensure the achievement of business goals
  • Prepare hotel and department budgets and financial forecasts and reporting
  • Ensure all accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis and oversee the process of credit extension and collection of overdue accounts
  • Review rates and recommend rate strategy to the General Manager; participate in sales strategy meetings
  • Manage accounts payable to balance cash flow and reputation with suppliers

Guest Experience

  • • Help guests – you’ll be happy to help if someone needs assistance with a request or complaint
  • • Make sure all guest bills are accurate Responsible Business
  • • Ensure financial control procedures and systems are ethical and legal
  • • Distribute outlook and forecast information for departments to identify cost savings
  • • Minimise waste and reduce slow-moving items.
  • • Other ad-hoc duties – unexpected moments when we have to pull together to get a task done


This is the top job managing the accounting function for the hotel. Typically supervises a staff of professional and/or clerical accounting positions.

Financial Controller Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree / higher education qualification / equivalent in Accounting or Finance
  • Or three years in hotel accounting or internal audit with one year in a supervisory role
  • Or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Must speak fluent English

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