VTOS Tour Guiding

VTOS Tour Guiding cover all tour guiding jobs at five levels from Assistant tour guide (Level 1) to Tour Manager (Level 5). The VTOS Tour Guiding standards have also taken account of local tour environments and specialist area such as onsite tour guiding.

VTOS Tour Guiding
VTOS Tour Guiding

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Tour guides lead groups of visitors through points of historical, cultural or regional interest. They provide in-depth knowledge about destinations frequented by international and domestic tourists and travellers. Tour guides are often trained on-the-job, but many also graduate from college or university, with a diploma in tour guiding or degree in tourism.

In Vietnam all official tour guides need to have a professional license in order to practice and be recognised by the government. International Tour Guide Licenses are granted by VNAT (Vietnam National Tourism Administration).

Tour guides work for tour and travel companies or hotels as seasonal workers, independent contractors or full-time employees. They may lead walking tours, driving tours, boat cruises, national parks, heritage tours, museums or other regional points of interest.

Tour guides must be able to retain historical facts, dates and anecdotes, and then relay that information to visitors in an entertaining, informative way. They must often be able to speak English or other foreign languages, especially if they are leading inbound tours.

In Vietnam, Heritage Specialist Guides and Onsite Tour Guides play an important role in promoting responsible and sustainable tourism and in focusing on the areas of cultural, religious and heritage tourism.

Typical jobs include:

Entry level jobs: Assistant Guide; Trainee Tour Guide; Trainee Tour Leader; Trainee Local Guide; Trainee Eco-Tour Guide; Trainee Driver Guide.

Mid Level jobs: Tour Guide; Tour Leader; Local Guide; Eco-Tour Guide; Driver Guide; Resort Representatives; Heritage Specialist Guide; Onsite Tour Guide.

Senior Level jobs: Senior Tour Guide; Tour Leader; Tour Manager; Tour Supervisor


Cert No Occupational Qualifications Level
CTE1 Certificate in Tour Escort 1
CTG2 Certificate in Tour Guiding 2
CTG3 Certificate in Tour Guiding 3
DTGM4 Diploma in Tour Guiding Management 4
ADTGM5 Advanced Diploma in Tour Guiding Management 5

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