VTOS Food & Beverage Service

The Vietnam Tourism Occupational Standards (VTOS) for Food & Beverage Service cover all F&B jobs at five levels from waiter (Level 1) to Restaurant Manager (Level 4) and F&B Director (Level 5). The VTOS F&B Service standards have also taken account of local hotel operations.

VTOS Food & Beverage Service
VTOS Food & Beverage Service

Typical jobs include: Food & Beverage Manager, Food & Beverage Supervisor, Restaurant Manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Chef de Rang/Team Leader, Head Waiter/Sommelier, Waiter/Waitress, Bar Waiter/Waitress, Bartender, Assistant Bartender.

Food & Beverage Manager ensures service delivery at every point of sale in the Food and Beverage Department.

Food & Beverage Supervisor assists with the responsibility for the day to day running of the department and ensures quality of service in the restaurant as well as manages the day to day operations and staff management.

Restaurant Manager is responsible for the image of the restaurant and increasing its sales (from preparation to service).

Assistant Restaurant Manager assists the Restaurant Manager as well as hosting and communicating with guests, staff management: recruitment, training, evaluation and promotion.

Team Leader will supervise the quality of the services offered to customers, train and motivate the dining room assistants and look after customer billing and tills.

Head Waiter will welcome and seat diners, advising each on their choice of food and wine and taking their order, organise the layout of the restaurant to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and co-ordinate with the kitchen.

Waiter/Waitress will arrange the dining room, welcome and serve restaurant guests and tidy the restaurant after meal service.

Bartender – will look after the bar and drink service.

Food and Beverage Service Qualifications

Cert No Occupational Qualifications (aimed at industry) Level
CFB1 Certificate in Food & Beverage Service 1
CFB2 Certificate in Food & Beverage Service 2
CBT2 Certificate in Bartending 2
CBO2 Certificate in Barista Operations 2
CBO3 Certificate in Barista Operations 3
CFBS3 Certificate in Food & Beverage Supervision 3
CWS3 Certificate in Wine Service 3
DFSO4 Diploma in Food Service Operations 4

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