Cleaning guest room procedure

A standard cleaning guest room procedure will help hotels ensure service quality and improve labor productivity.

Cleaning guest room procedure
Cleaning guest room procedure


Room Attendant’s trolley must be packed neatly and open shelves should always face towards the guest room door.

Before entering a guest room, ring the doorbell (2 times) and wait for 5 seconds. If no response from guest, ring (2 times) again.

When you enter a guest room, always enter slowly and introduce yourself clearly.

Housekeeping             Good Morning                        Sir                    May I clean your room

Good Afternoon         or

Good Evening             Madam

Cleaning guest room procedure

  1. Insert key card into Energy saving device slot.
  2. Check mini bar & report any consumption immediately to HK clerk.
  3. Turn on all lights. Report to Hotel technician of any light that is not working after the bulb is changed.
  4. Open night curtains, close day curtains (if needed), and make sure curtains are drawn exactly like shown to you in your training program.
  5. Report to Housekeeping Department item(s) damage in the room immediately.
  6. Report any item(s) left by the guest in a check out room to the HK clerk. If it is a valuable item(s), bring down to Housekeeping Office immediately.
  7. Guest’s clothes lying on the bed or chair are to hang back into the closet. Guest’s sleeping garment(s) to fold neatly and place on the bed after the bed has been made.
  8. Remove any Room Service tray(s) or trolley(s) to the service area. Do not leave them outside the room door.
  9. Strip the used bed sheets.
  10. Remove soiled bedroom and bathroom linens and bring in the clean linens.
  11. Collect all rubbish from around the room into wastebaskets.
  12. Empty all ashtrays into wastebaskets.
  13. All shoes to be lined up neatly separate male and female shoes.
  14. Replenish all empty bottle of mineral water. Wash used glasses.
  15. Proceed to make bed(s) according to procedure demonstrated to you in your training program.
  16. Clean the bathroom as demonstrated in your training program and replenish the supplies.
  17. Dust all furniture in room, start at entrance door and proceed systematically around the room. Please do a thorough job and move folders, tent cards and lamps on top of furniture.
  18. Use only cleaning supplies and cloth as instructed by the Executive Housekeeper.
  19. Replenish all needed guest supplies, stationery and folders, etc.
  20. Check refrigerator, clean refrigerators if necessary. Clean drip tray. Defrost refrigerator once a week.
  21. Vacuum carpet; do not forget to check underneath the bed(s).
  22. Before leaving the room, check overall appearance of room. Rooms must be completed in a neat & tidy manner.
  • Furniture arranged to standard.
  • Lampshade straight with seams hidden.
  • Picture frames, bed spreads straight and tight.
  • No cleaning equipment is left inside room.

Report maintenance work required to Houskeeping Supervisor.

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